Case Studies

Embracing innovative, no-dig techniques

Fixing Broken Pipes with Tubogel

We are the only company in the UK that uses Tubogel, which rehabilitates wastewater pipes with a special sealant, preventing the need to dig down to the pipe. The product is made up of two separate liquid components which react together and harden and solidify to make an enduring stone seal around the leak.

Cappagh Browne has been at the forefront of trialling Tubogel with Southern Water, starting in 2019. We sent employees to Munich to develop our expertise on this technology by learning from Remondis, a German company which has successfully used Tubogel to repair thousands of kilometres of wastewater pipes. This allowed us to set up a specialist team to deliver this innovative service and we are now rehabilitating over 5km of wastewater network in Bromley Green and Hampshire using the technique.

Tubogel allows us to carry out vital repairs to wastewater infrastructure, without causing the disruption associated with digging. This is particularly important when we carry out repairs in and around historic buildings. The technology enables us to deliver the most effective solution without risking damage to old buildings and historic infrastructure.

At Cappagh Browne we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through optimising low and no-dig techniques like Tubogel. Above all, we innovate to provide the best service for our customers, helping us to get the job done right, the first time, and every time.