What we do

Fast response and first-time fixes

We pride ourselves on our speed of response and always aim for first-time fixes. Our teams attend 60,000 call-outs every year and aim for the quickest response times in the industry.

Thanks to our dedicated employees and our specialist equipment, we deliver industry-leading 24/7 response times, which means we stop wastewater pipe leaks and clear blockages fast. We aim to attend all high priority calls within four hours and complete 85% of all high priority work on the same day.

We are a lean and agile and our 500 people have an unrivalled understanding of the regional network and the industry. With depots across Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and the Isle of Wight, our workforce is well placed to be anywhere in the network quickly.

Types of jobs carried out

We reliably deliver the full range of wastewater network repair and maintenance services. This includes:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response to burst or damaged wastewater pipes.

We stop or contain sewerage leaking from a sewer system and clean up the affected area.

Video and still-shot survey of sewer pipelines to help us determine the best repair strategy.

We use high powered water jetting and specialist de-scaling, cutting and debris removing tools.

  • Civil engineering projects such as laying new, and repair and rehabilitation of pipes and sewers

Our Cured in Place Pipe (CiPP) lining is a trenchless (we don’t need to dig down) pipe repair and rehabilitation technique. We fit a jointless, seamless pipe lining within an existing pipe.

We are the only company in the UK that uses this innovative technique, which repairs wastewater pipes with a special sealant, preventing the need to dig down to the pipe.

Cappagh Browne Utilities has been at the forefront of the trialling of Tubogel with Southern Water. We sent employees to Munich to develop our expertise on this technology by learning from Remondis, the premier German company which has repaired thousands of kilometres of wastewater pipes. This allowed us to set up a specialist team to deliver this innovative service.

Cleaning undertaken by high pressure water jet cleaning, and by high volume vacuum pump sludge, silt, and debris removal.

  • Septic tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Interceptor and Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Transport sewerage by road tanker or temporary over-land pumped pipe system

Want to know more about our work or how we could work with you? Contact: enquiries@cbul.uk

Expertise brings leading performance

As a joint venture, we draw on 100 years of experience and expertise. We have taken the best from our JV parent companies: cutting-edge technology, resource and expertise.

Our parent companies expand our resource capability and allow us to undertake an extensive range of projects in-house. We leverage their experience and exposure to a broad range of projects to deliver the best quality service to our clients.

Beside general construction activity, our parent companies also have in-house specialist capabilities in HDD, GAB and MEICA.

Our management team is hugely experienced, with a combined 157 years in industry, coming from both the water industry and engineering backgrounds.
We provide clients with a complete and comprehensive service, delivering our broad range of capabilities to the highest level, every time. Across JV and our wider team, we have extensive experience in:

  • Heavy civil construction
  • Utility infrastructure & non-infrastructure across the transmission and distribution of electricity, gas, and water
  • Wastewater and telecoms infrastructure
  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation (MEICA)
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Guided auger boring (GAB)
  • Pipe insertion and cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining
  • Flooded system repair
  • Land remediation
  • Demolition

Investment in innovation

We invest in innovation to help us get the job done better, faster and more responsibly.

To enable us to carry out our contracts, we procured a fleet of specialist transport, plant and equipment including high specification combination units, tankers, vanpacs (vans with high pressure jetting units incorporated), pumps and porta reels. We have 142 owned vehicles ranging from heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to light delivery vehicles (LDVs), and 950 items of plant, tools, and equipment.

Investing in collaboration

Every one of our operators has tablet computers, loaded with specialist network mapping software, so that blockages can be easily traced – wherever they are in the network.

All of our vehicles are equipped with WiFi, allowing our engineers to stay connected and enlist the help of other team members remotely whilst working in the field.

Our helmet camera technology enables field operations and demonstration to be held remotely. Online participants can see, listen and talk to the person with the head camera, drastically reducing the time, carbon emissions and cost involved in large groups of people travelling to sites.

Investing in efficiency

We have also invested in High Pressure Jetting Nozzles with Integrated CCTV, enabling our teams to see what is happening below ground level whilst they undertake high pressure water jet cleaning of sewers.

Our state-of-the-art zoom cameras enable our engineers to undertake a first pass CCTV of a sewer main in a fraction of the time compared to an ordinary CCTV push rod or motorised system. The camera is mounted on an extendable arm, allowing it to take CCTV for up to 70 metres within seconds. This enables kilometres of main to be surveyed in a day, allowing our team to gain an initial audit and identify specific areas where a traditional, more detailed survey may be needed.