Case Studies

Community involvement

Seaford’s Cliff Gardens Pumping Station

  • Community leader Hilary had exciting plans to transform this unused space in Seaford into a biodiverse haven. Our aim was for this area to become a space for public enjoyment and to be used as an educational resource for local schools
  • Cappagh Browne & Southern Water assisted the project by helping plant the native species hedgerow along the exterior of the pumping station. We used our expertise by digging a shallow 60m long trench prior to the planting. Several of our office staff, along with pupils from the local primary school, swapped pens for spades as we successfully planted 350 whips
  • The Flora and Fauna will now be left to thrive with the introduction of various native species, including Blackthorn, Elder, Field Maple, Dogwood and Hawthorn. No-mow zones have also been set up on site, allowing pupils to learn about succession, their local ecology, and the importance of green spaces such as this
  • We are delighted to have been part of this Environmental Enhancement Project and look forward to watching this green space develop along with children’s interest in the environment