Flusher 2: Embracing Simplicity to Tackle Complex Challenges

Innovative technologies in wastewater management are now found in every home across the country. Gone are the days when water treatment solely focused on eliminating contaminants. Today, it’s about tackling the task with greater efficiency, intelligence, and environmental consciousness.

Wastewater treatment processes account for about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in the waste sector. To fulfil their role in reaching net zero emissions, the UK government has introduced the Plan for Water, emphasising the necessity for water companies to implement more sustainable treatment methods (1).  

However, innovation in the industry isn’t always about flashy advancements, radical techniques or high-tech gadgets. Sometimes, it’s about harnessing the power of simplicity to solve complex problems. 

Enter Flusher 2, a proactive, low-impact innovation designed to revolutionise sewer maintenance and operation. By utilising low-impact technologies and their associated benefits, Flusher 2 aims to provide solutions to the common recurring problems within sewer networks, while alleviating environmental pressures.

How Flusher 2 works

Flusher 2 embraces the concept of biomimicry, which involves reverse engineering solutions found in nature to create transformative, low-impact solutions. Throughout history, humans have harnessed the power of water for various tasks, from grinding grain to generating electricity. Drawing inspiration from nature’s efficiency, Flusher 2 harnesses natural water flow dynamics to efficiently clean and maintain sewer systems. In simple terms, it repeatedly stores, then releases water to produce a strong flushing action, which continuously cleans and maintains the pipework – all without the need for external power sources.

By using carbon-neutral technology and natural water flow, Flusher 2 eliminates the high costs of traditional jetting methods. It also reduces the need to transport heavy machinery and equipment, which means less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

Putting Flusher 2 to the test

A trial of Flusher 2 conducted in Lancing yielded promising results. Larry Wood, Director of LGW Consulting, stated:

Using controlled flows, the teams were able to confirm the effectiveness of the Flusher 2 unit. The trial was applied to a 50m x 225mmÆ sewer line with shallow falls. The F2 unit allowed the manhole chamber to successfully fill up to a prescribed level and then as designed, release upwards of 2m3** of effluent into the downstream pipework clearing any debris. The benefits and savings if proved successful over a wider trial will significantly reduce asset maintenance and cost.”

The trial data provides invaluable insights into Flusher 2’s real-world performance, showcasing its exceptional design and functionality. Immediate observations reveal that the units excel at maintaining clean sewer lines and extending the lifespan of sewer infrastructure.

Regular and consistent cleaning prevents debris, grease, and other materials from accumulating and forming blockages. A cleaner sewer system supports better rodent control, as habitats and food sources become compromised for these proliferate pests. 

Blockages are a major issue, accounting for around 80% of all sewer flooding incidents in the UK each year, leading to the flooding of over 5,000 properties annually. Approximately 370,000 sewer blockages are reported annually in the UK, with up to 75% of these caused by substances known collectively as “fat, oil, and grease” (FOG) (2). Flusher 2 is a low-impact, cost-effective solution for preventing FOG blockages, commonly known as ‘fatbergs’ in the public domain. 

But the benefits of Flusher 2 go beyond just improving sewer systems. The trial results also suggest significant environmental benefits. Currently, only 22% of lakes and 12% of our safeguarded freshwater rivers and streams are in good condition, largely due to nutrient pollution from wastewater and agriculture (3). Flusher 2 makes a notable difference by reducing the discharge of untreated or partially treated wastewater, known as Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), into nearby rivers and streams. 

This reduction leads to a marked improvement in water quality and environmental health. By decreasing the amount of pollutants entering our natural water resources, Flusher 2 helps protect aquatic ecosystems and public health, making our water cleaner and safer for everyone.

This reduction leads to a marked improvement in water quality and environmental health. By decreasing the amount of pollutants entering our natural water resources, Flusher 2 helps protect aquatic ecosystems and public health, making our water cleaner and safer for everyone.

Transformative innovation

In a world where the balancing act of efficiency and sustainability is a priority, Flusher 2 is a transformative solution that effortlessly integrates both. It stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design and a commitment to environmental stewardship can transform industries, improve communities, and protect our planet for generations to come.

The positive effects of Flusher 2 appear to be limitless. 

Flusher 2 stands out for its remarkably low carbon footprint, achieved through its energy-efficient design, reduced reliance on heavy equipment, use of carbon-neutral technologies, conservation of water resources, and positive long-term environmental impact. By integrating these sustainable practices, Flusher 2 not only provides efficient sewer maintenance but also contributes to environmental preservation and the fight against climate change.

The Flusher 2 system offers significant community benefit and social value, as it minimises disruptions to daily life. Reducing the need for repeat maintenance visits means fewer road closures, less noise pollution, and decreased inconvenience for residents. Everyone benefits from a cleaner, more reliable sewer system; including the service provider, who is able to pass on cost savings to their customers. 

This simple, yet transformative product can play a pivotal role in safeguarding ecosystems and preventing environmental damage by helping to prevent flooding, reduce pollutant discharge, conserve water resources, minimise soil and water contamination, and support biodiversity. Through these actions, Flusher 2 protects the natural environment, helping to protect a healthier planet for future generations.

Flusher 2 is a testament to innovation, featuring a “simple genius” solution that tackles complex challenges effectively. Its low-impact design embodies simplicity and effectiveness, harnessing stored kinetic energy that would otherwise go to waste. This innovative approach enables maximum impact and return on investment, setting a new standard for sewer maintenance technologies. Flusher 2’s simplicity belies its effectiveness, showcasing how even the most straightforward solutions can deliver transformative results.

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