Experts in wastewater network maintenance since 2008
Embracing innovative, no-dig techniques
Fixing Broken Pipes with Tubogel
Experts in wastewater network maintenance since 2008
Working through the night
Margate to Weatherlees Water Treatment Works
Experts in wastewater network maintenance since 2008
Community involvement
Seaford’s Cliff Gardens Pumping Station

Who we are

Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited (Cappagh Browne) specialises in repairing and maintaining wastewater networks across the south-east of England, serving a total of 4.7 million customers. With more than 100 years’ combined experience in water and sewerage infrastructure to draw on, we know how to get the job done.

What we do

Fast response and first-time fixes​

We pride ourselves on our speed of response and always aim for first-time fixes. Our teams attend 60,000 call-outs every year and aim for the quickest response times in the industry.


Protecting the environment

At Cappagh Browne, we understand the importance of protecting our local environment and wildlife and do everything possible to look after our surroundings.
We’re constantly looking at innovative ways to minimise our waste, carbon footprint and keep our impact on the climate to a minimum.


Customer service

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Cappagh Browne Utilities’ service offering. We focus on providing a great service to our clients and their customers. We are easy to get in touch with and can be trusted to do what we say we will. We offer a dedicated point of contact, which means that our clients and customers only need to deal with one team.


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